Barbara's Take On Why Sun Protection Is Important From Childhood

Barbara's Take On Why Sun Protection Is Important From Childhood

Barbara shares her story on why sun protection is important from childhood.

She has had some incidences of skin cancer, and was told by her doctor they are from her childhood.

Barbara's shared her story to help increase awareness on sun protection. Watch the video below to hear what she has to say.

A bit about Barbara

Hi, my name is Barbara. I'm 72 years old and I grew up in Missouri. 

I now live in sunny Southern California.

I love to hike, and do nature photography, and play in the park and at the beach with my grandchild.

When she got diagnosed with skin cancer

I have had some incidences of skin cancer, basal cell, luckily nothing more serious than that.

But I've had two areas on my upper chest, near my neck, and one on my nose, and just recently one on my forehead, so it's still healing.

My doctor has said that these are from my childhood.

Why sun protection is important since childhood?

We did not have sunscreen. 

We did our best to not get sunburn, but in the bright Missouri sun that happened often and we did not know that that was even something we needed to be worried about.

Although it didn't feel good, we certainly didn't have any way, to protect ourselves much.

What does Barbara do now to protect herself from sun exposure?

As an adult, now that we have sunscreen, I regularly use a sunscreen in my foundation, in my moisturizers and do everything I can.

And do get hats from Outdoors Tribe and have given them also to my granddaughter who is a recent college graduate, and doing work with the
National Park Service in other areas as a biologist zoologist, so she's outside all the time too.

Why is sun safety really important?

So it's very important so you don't have doctors having to remove parts of
your skin and then do stitches.

And then you get scars, hopefully minor, but scars in addition to wrinkles as you age, you don't want that.

So anyway, that is my story.

And definitely the reason to use products like the ones Outdoors Tribe has to protect yourself in the sun.

Have a wonderful day.

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