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8 PC Travel Space Saver Compression Bags
8 PC Travel Space Saver Compression Bags
8 PC Travel Space Saver Compression Bags

8 PC Travel Space Saver Compression Bags

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Save your stuff while travelling or in home storage without taking more space with Travel Space Saver Bags. These packing bags com in a set of 8 pieces and different sizes to help increase room in your luggage while travelling.

Not just space saving, these bags also protect your items from odors, bugs, moths, dust or dampness. These bags do not require any vacuum pumps and can be used easily by your hand with a simple roll up.


Easy To Use: Since these bags don't require any pump, you can easily close the zip-lock and roll your clothes while all the air is pushed out from the valve at the bottom. It is super convenient to use and easily manageable so that you have one less thing to worry about during your travel.

Convenient: These bags do not require any vacuum pump to be sealed properly. Valve present at the bottom lets all the air out but doesn't let any in keeping your clothes safe and dry. This makes travelling easy as you don't have to carry around any pumps with you.

Reusable And Durable: Presence of zip-lock makes it super-easy to open and close. You can also use it as many times you want. Make your luggage 3 times smaller with the help of these bags. Keep your items safe and travelling easy. 

Safe: Main problem we have during the travel is how to keep your items safe from moths, fungus, dirt and water. These bags can solve all of these. Being airtight, it does not let anything enter inside. You can also store your clothes and pillows in your house for future use without the fear of them getting damaged.

Variety: You can get 4 large and 4 medium size with this pack, giving you more option to the storage idea, letting you store many items at once. 

Make your travel lot less troublesome making your luggage compact and your clothes safe. Give it to someone who travels more as a thoughtful gift or make your own life easy!


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